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  • Union Employer Advantages

    In 2017, IBEW Local 413 turned 100 years old. That marked 100 years of cooperation with some of the largest and most profitable electrical contractors in our jurisdiction. Our relationship with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Central Coast Chapter, has been built on a foundation of mutual understanding between the employers and workers of our jurisdiction. The professional electricians and techs of IBEW Local 413 have a great deal of respect for the signatory contractors we work with. Our contracts are partnerships that have been developed to bring security and stability to the entire industry, which helps workers and contractors thrive. Please take a moment to read about some of the benefits you will have as an electrical contractor signatory to an IBEW agreement.

    What are the advantages of being an IBEW employer?

    IBEW Local #413 provides electrical contractors with the most reliable source of professional electrical workers in the construction and service industries. Our objective is to assist our members and our employer partners to prosper through continuous education, hard work, and career advancement opportunities. This commitment to provide the most productive, cost-effective electrical workforce benefits your company, your customers, and our local community. 

    Scope of Services

    We provide trained professional electricians to commercial, industrial, and residential building contractors. We have approximately 300 active members in good standing in and around the Santa Barbara Area, available to our partnering contractors for short and long-term employment. To ensure the ongoing availability of qualified electrical workers, we also partner with NECA in the operations a nationally recognized Joint Electrcal Apprenticeship Training Program.

    Key Benefits

    Here are some of the key benefits to becoming an affiliated client:

    Flexible help – Having the help you need when you need it saves you money on labor costs. IBEW members are available when you need them, for as long as you need them, even in cities where you don’t usually do business. When you are done, their employment concludes or you can move them to another job. No recruitment or advertising is necessary. No time is wasted chasing and interviewing new prospects. We can put skilled, qualified workers on your doorstep in less than 48 hours, every time.

    Training – We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on electrical and safety related training for our Members. Every union employee you hire will save you the hassle and expense of providing this training for your employees.

    Lower safety-related costs – Our uniform training programs stress the connection between safety and competitiveness. IBEW members put safety first every time, which means you save on comp costs, downtime costs, and absenteeism costs.

    Productivity – Higher productivity means higher profits. IBEW members have to be the best trained, most highly skilled and productive craftsmen available anywhere. That means the work is installed right the first time! No rework! On-time and on-budget!

    Supervision – How long does it take you to develop a good foreman or superintendent? How much money does it cost you along the way? If you could add two foreman and crews this year, how much would that add to your bottom line? One of the most common reasons companies like yours become union contractors is that they want to grow. We can provide the immediate qualified supervision that your company needs, when you need it!

    Cost Savings - No benefits administration costs, one-stop solution. Savings on prevailing wage projects with no load paid on the fringe benefits. Savings from using approved apprentices at much lower rates; training while lowering your overall costs.

    Lower turnover - Our members are career minded professionals. They are working in the electrical industry for a career and not just a job.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Question: What will it cost my company to join?

    Answer: There is no cost to the employer. The employees pay union dues.

    2. Question: Once I have hired someone, how long must I keep him or her employed?

    Answer: How long you need to keep them is your choice.

    3. Question: What if I hire someone, and they are not working out?

    Answer: Just like in an open shop environment, there will be times when you will get an individual from us who does not fit your company. All you need to do is send them back and we will get you someone else. The likelihood of this is greatly reduced when using our electricians.

    4. Question: I heard the IBEW would tell me how to run my business.

    Answer: The IBEW is not in the contracting business—you are. We provide manpower. We will do what we can to help in other areas, but only if you ask.

    5. Question: What happens if I get a project in another area?

    Answer: You will need to sign an agreement in that jurisdiction. As an IBEW contractor you will have access to local workers saving money on travel costs.

    6. Question: Will I still be able to fire a worker for cause?

    Answer: Yes, it’s your company. You will always make the decision on who works for your company.

    7. Question: Will I lose control of my company?

    Answer: No. We work for you. And you will have greater control by spending less time on employee issues and more time developing and running your business.

    How does my company become a Union Contrator?

    You can start TODAY by contacting one of our Membership Development Representatives.

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