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  • Functional Job Tasks of a Journeymen Wireman
    Updated On: Mar 13, 2014

    Functional Job Tasks of Journeyman Wireman Electrician

    1. Installation of Fixture Boxes

    The electrician installs fixture boxes which can vary in size and weight. Sometimes the boxes may weigh as little as 8 ounces and at times they may weigh from 10-15 pounds. The installation of the fixture boxes can be awkward and it may involve standing on a ladder while working at various heights. This would be with the arms over head, or it may involve kneeling or crouching on the floor to work on wall plugs located at 12 inches off the floor.

    This task involves reaching, stooping, handling and fingering. Occasionally, it involves lifting and carrying boxes of fixtures weighing as much as 50 pounds.

    1. Drilling Studs

    The electrician drills studs through the wall with a one-inch auger. The sequence of drilling varies according to the product line used. The electrician will crouch or stoop when drilling these studs located 18 inches from the floor, and will stand on the ladder with the arms overhead when drilling at various heights.

    This task involves reaching, stooping, handling, fingering, twisting and turning.

    1. Pulling Wires

    This requires the electrician to pull wire to appropriate fixtures, outlets or plug receptacles. Pulling the wire may involve standing on

    a ladder while working at various heights with the arms extended overhead, or it may involve kneeling or crouching on the floor to work at 12 inches above floor level.

    This task involves pulling, handling, fingering, some twisting and turning. Occasionally, it may involve lifting and carrying boxes of wire. Each box contains wire weighing anywhere from 5 to 50 pounds. The size of the wire used and the number of boxes needed varies from job to job. If the weight of boxes of wire exceeds 50 pounds, a co-worker would be available to assist the electrician with the lifting and carrying activities.

    1. Terminating Wire

    The electrician takes a small knife in hand and cuts off piece of the thin outer insulation. He/she then pushes back the paper fillers and strips the wires. After stripping the wires, he/she places scotch lock or wire connector on the end of the individual stripped wire.

    This task involves fingering and handling.

    1. Installation and Devices

    The electrician installs switches, plugs or light fixtures either 12 inches from the floor or 40 inches off the floor or at ceiling height, dependent upon the type of device installed.

    This task involves reaching, stooping or crouching, bending, turning, fingering and handling.

    1. Installation of Conduit

    The electrician first picks up a bundle of conduit weighing anywhere from 35-70 pounds and carries it to the job site. The distanced carried varies from job site to job site. The electrician may be required to carry these bundles up and down stairs or on uneven surfaces. Installation of the conduit requires the electrician to climb a ladder and also use the conduit benders.

    This task involves pulling, handling, and fingering, some twisting turning, and standing on a stepladder while working with arms extended overhead.

    Note: Five percent of the electrician’s time may be spent installing conduit underground in ditches ranging from 12 inches to several feet in depth. This task would require the electrician to bend, stoop and crouch along with the above mentioned physical activities.

    1. Installation of Panels

    The electrician installs switch gears, transformers and panels weighing anywhere from 25 pounds to 6,000 pounds. Mechanical assistance such as forklifts, cranes and levers are available for those heavier objects. Also, in most instances, a co-worker is nearby to assist with any lifting.

    The work for an electrician involves primarily commercial job sites. The physical activities are varied, depending on the actual job site and the demand for that particular job. The above description is a general one and may vary from category to category.

    Physical Demands

    This position involves occasional sitting, frequent walking, heavy lifting 5% of the time, moderate lifting 70% of the time, and light lifting 25% of the time. As far as carrying is concerned, it involves 5% percent heavy carrying, 70% moderate and 25% light. There is frequent climbing, occasional balancing, frequent bending, stooping, crouching and kneeling, occasional crawling, frequent reaching, frequent turning and twisting, occasional pushing and pulling, frequent handling and frequent fingering.

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